National Approval for Peringom CRPF Center: Nattu Visesham

National Accreditation for Peringom CRPF Center

Friday 16 September 2022 01:05 IST

Cherupuzha: Peringom CRPF Center under national accreditation. The Central Home Department Award for Best Performance in 2021 Mann Peringom was received by the CRPF Center. Peringom CA passed exam centers in other states and the RPF center achieved this. Aghosha ceremonies were held in the center as part of Angikara Nirav. Ghoshyatra was organized in the camp. In a ceremony held in Delhi last day, Camp Medhavi Interior Minister PP Polly received the award. Basic structures of the field, cleanliness and facilities Availability of the Planets, Favorable Environments, Tanning Period The number of injuries caused by the phase begins to decrease. Paris has rewarded the field by conducting the evaluation of the poles. Right away

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