National 3: Montluçon Football defeated at home by Sporting Lyon (2): 1-3

Unbeaten since April 2019 on his Montluçon Football pitch? This has not been true since this Saturday, October 10. Sporting Club Lyon (2) dominated the premises at Dunlop Stadium on Matchday 5 of the National 3 Championship. Final score: 1-3.

First half

The reserve of the Lyon club immediately put pressure on the Montluçonnais. The Lyonnais’ pressing finally paid off: Kenny Oun opened the scoring in the 39th, with a free kick. The tense first half ended with four warnings, two on each side.

Second half-time

In the second period, Bessaque’s men, more concentrated, offered themselves a first goal, signed Lucas Placide (57th), on a nice pass from Hugo Garcia, not scalded for a penny by his head injury in the first half. time.

Then followed ten minutes during which the Montluçonnais controlled the ball, before taking a second goal from Lyon (66th). The visitors drove home the point in the 73rd. On a corner taken by Innocent Rodet, Étienne Reydellet put a nice goal with a header (1-3).

Technical sheet.
Sporting Club Lyon (2) beats Montluçon Football 1-3 (half time 0-1). Referee: Yassin Amchachti.
Buts.Montluçon: Placide (57th). Lyon: Oun (39th), Soumah (66th), Reydellet (73rd).
Warnings. Montluçon : Perot (34e), Lalbertier (37e). Lyon (2) : Oun (25e), Reydellet (32e).
Montluçon.Boudersa (left), Salgado, Lalbertier, Foucras, Arnaud, Perot (c.), Placide, Pothin, Dossou, Garcia, Lallemand, Traoré, Tinet, Clamont. Coach: Mickaël Bessaque.
Lyon (2). Popp (g.), Brunetton, Mass, Oun, Reydellet (c.), N’Diaye, Gourmat, Emery, Soumah, Rodet, Rollin, Kailu Mayuma, Hammouche, Desbos, Sanogo, Rambaud. Coach: Amesou Assemoassa.

Seher Turkmen


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