National 3: departures and tracks, for recruitment, at Montluçon Foot (Allier)

The hit of the summer will be “Move, move”, at Montluçon Foot (Allier)… Indeed, the new coach Nicolas Laspalles, appointed in mid-June to replace Fabien Croze, is getting his bearings and working on the design of the workforce that will start the 2022-2023 season in National 3, on Sunday August 28.

The staff

Regarding first of all his staff, “Ludovic Esposito arrives from FC Hyères to take charge of the reserve in R2”, relates the former pro player of PSG or FC Nantes. “And I will be supported by a physical trainer who will also be my assistant on the bench”.

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The departures of players

As for the players, several departures have been announced: Arthur Mai to Chamalières FC (N2); Victor Boron at FC Villefranche (R1); Yaya Bathily at GFA Rumilly (N3); Nathan Mauvy at ES Guéret (N3)… But also Elvy Passy, ​​Tom Husson and Florian Ankoué. “It’s part of the life of a club, especially when the coach changes,” insists Nicolas Laspalles.

The arrivals

“We managed to keep a hard core, now we will refine recruitment to bring added value and competition”. To know ? “We are looking for a recruit per line: a central defender, a versatile midfielder and a top striker”, lists the Breton technician.

“We have a lot of contacts but we want to take the time to bring in guys who have the same state of mind as ours and who will really bring us something. »

Nicolas Laspalles (Coach of Montluçon Foot)

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While with the overhaul of the championships there will be no less than five descents this season in the Montluçon Foot pool, what can the club aim for? “The most important thing is to stay in N3, but if we work well we can also be ambitious and hope for a better ranking than this year…”, judges Nicolas Laspalles.

The calendar

– Resumption of training: Monday, July 18, at Dunlop Stadium, at 6:45 p.m.
– Friendly matches : several are planned, all in August, notably against RC Vichy (R1) and SO Romorantin (N2).
– Start of the championship: first day of National 3, Sunday August 28.

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Text: Luc Barre
Photos : archives Florian Salesse

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