National 2: Moulins-Yzeure wants to resume its flight against the Canaries, this Saturday, at home

In Vénissieux (Regional 1), last Saturday, the MYF missed a golden opportunity to play, for the second time in its history, the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. Difficult to digest necessarily, but the Bourbonnais must quickly move on.

Coupe de France (8th round): Moulins-Yzeure (N2) eliminated by Vénissieux (R1) on penalties

“We have to redeem ourselves, everyone will have to be at their best this weekend,” insists local coach Stéphane Dief, who should make some changes against the young Nantes guard. “Both the staff and the players, we all have to question ourselves and we have to find solutions. We are having more trouble at the moment in our animation, we have to bring a little new things. “

Never two without three in the league ??

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One way to get the machine going even if the disappointment in the Coupe de France should not obscure the good momentum in the league. Stéphane Dief’s players remaining on two victories in the last two days, against Andrézieux (2-1) and Colomiers (0-1). Never two without three??

It is in any case the objective of the Bourbonnais this Saturday evening, with, what is more, the possibility of achieving a good blow in the championship. While the leader Bergerac and his runner-up Angoulême clash this Friday evening.

But before thinking about the classification, the MYF will have to cut the wings of Canaries who annoyed the other big teams of the group: with draws at Puy (5th), Angoulême (2nd) and against Bergerac (1st).

Nantes is the most solid and constant reserve in the pool, Stéphane Dief analyzes. It is a complete team, not so young with a few players who have had several seasons at this level in their legs.

On the staff side, finally, the MYF will be complete (apart from the injured since the start of the season, Mourad Alouache and Quentin Deniaud, still in the infirmary).

The Moulins-Yzeure Foot group.? Millieras, Etienne ?; Bellamy, Civet, Plisson, Sudre, Bertho ?; Chastang, Champommier, Millot ?; Diot, Brun, S. Alouache, Racollet, Pélican, Khalid. Entr. : S. Dief.

Kevin Lastique



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