Nathalie Hoslcher is shocked to manage Rumah Sule’s finances, Rp150 million is spent on meals


Nathalie Holscher and comedian Sule are married in November 2020, Mother. Previously, Nathalie and Sule were involved in the love of the location because they were frequent collab on the canal YouTube they.

Steady to marry Nathalie, all the children of the comedian, whose real name is Sutisna, have blessed their relationship, Mother. Even a child Close the little one was very close to Nathalie.

Before marrying Sule, Nathalie was a very fond woman cook, Mother. Because she comes from Manado-German descent, Nathalie often cooks balado chicken and woku, you know, Mother. He also often makes mouth-watering chili sauce.

Already Sule’s wife, Nathalie now takes care of the kitchen, employees, and manages finances at home. Nathalie shared this story with Ussy Sullistiawaty. He said, there are 37 employees who come to the house every day.

“Eh, there are so many of you. How many household assistants are there?” Ussy asked, seen from the canal YouTube Ussy Andhika Official.

“Thirty-seven,” Nathalie replied.

“Allahu Akbar. Domestic helpers? All of them?” call Ussy.

“Yes, including all employees,” said Nathalie again.

Not only that, Mother. Nathalie also revealed her kitchen expenses for a month. He admitted that he could spend Rp150 million for a month just for business kitchen.

“That means if for example to the market, just the range. How much is the average monthly range?” Ussy asked curiously.

“It’s just for cooking, isn’t it? For cooking it’s Rp150 (million),”

Nathalie herself admitted that she was surprised by the amount of expenses after managing finances, Bunda. Not to mention when they have to pay their employees.

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“But Teh, as soon as I handled finances, I was shocked. Yes, the expenses. That’s just the kitchen, yes. Not the employee’s salary,” said Nathalie.

“Yes but it’s okay, a blessing, yes. I have the principle that if we feed people sincerely, sincerely, InshaAllah tuh the blessing is back That’s why Kang Sule’s fortune is smooth, that is, “explained Ussy.

Furthermore, according to Nathalie, a woman really has to be good at the kitchen, Mother. Click read the next page, let’s go.

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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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