Natalie Trifonova is 28 years older than her brother …

Natalie Trifonova has repeatedly shared that she grew up only with her mother and was not close to her father. Only recently, the blue-collar girl and BBC presenter managed to warm up her relationship with him. The parents of the long-legged blonde have long been separated, and the father of her has a son from his second marriage. The boy is 3 years old. After becoming a poop, the beauty decided to get closer to her father and her brother.

Natalie said she grew up apart from her parents, who left the family when she was 10. She went abroad on business and hardly communicated with her daughter. When she learned she was going to have a little brother, the weatherman insisted on building a relationship with him, she reports on They have a 28-year age difference with little Theodore, but the beauty was hopeful that one day they would find common ground and grow closer.

Not so long ago, Trifonova posted an old photo of her parents on the social network and it moved a large part of her fans. It can be seen from her shot that the charming blonde has inherited her good features from both her mother and father. “The truth is, I’m closer to mom. She and I are friends, we share everything,” commented the star.

Everyone who knows Natalie’s mother is adamant that the two look more like sisters. Vanina, 52, gave birth to her daughter very young and quickly separated from her then husband because their marriage was over. After the divorce, Trifonov started working outside Bulgaria and rarely saw his son. The host’s mother raised her alone and although she encountered difficulties, she did not give up in her quest to give her the best. Vanina moved from Veliko Tarnovo to Sofia to practice as a dentist. She opened her own office and little Natalie enrolled in a metropolitan school.

“Mom is the most important person in my life. I don’t know what I would do without her. I went through an extremely difficult time when we had a motorcycle accident on the island of Mykonos years ago. I was fine then, but there was a danger to his life,” recalls the meteorologist.

The incident happened in seconds and managed to ruin the host’s summer vacation. After the impact, he found his mother lying unconscious on the ground and her world collapsed. The minutes he waited for the ambulance to arrive felt like an endless eternity. The blonde reacted in a flash, calling the phone for help, and then contacted her grandmother Margarita, who is a doctor.

“I was both panicking and holding back because I was the only person who could help her. First I called my grandmother, then I had talks with other doctors known to our family, to find out what the mother’s condition is. The accident changed me a lot and I became more responsible” Trifonova said.

After she turned 30, Natalie was increasingly thinking about the moment when she herself would become a mother. She really wanted to get pregnant, but she too was looking for the most suitable man for this purpose. There is certainly no shortage of candidates for her heart. “I dream of a family, of children. I feel ready for that,” the star told the BBC.

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