Natálie Kotková, Influencer and Presenter, Chooses Volkswagen Taigo as Her New Car

Natálie Kotková, Influencer and Presenter, Chooses Volkswagen Taigo as Her New Car

The twenty-nine-year-old nice model, presenter, YouTuber and influencer Natálie Kotková, also known as natali_kot, chose the Taigo model, which was originally developed by the Brazilian division of Volkswagen – but under the name Nivus. The car was introduced in May 2020.

The European version is called Taigo and is manufactured in Spain. It is a car 4269 mm long, 1757 mm wide and 1499 high. The wheelbase reaches 2,554 mm.

Natalia, who shares posts on travel, exploration, surfing, yoga or fashion with hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media profiles, chose Taigo in an interesting green shade and R-Line equipment line.

Natalia mainly highlights the practicality of her new car. “Some of my days are like a roller coaster. I have to be able to take pictures in different places and always have everything with me for the whole day. For me, Taigo is an office, dressing room and restaurant in one. Of course, this means that I also carry several models with me. To my surprise, everything fits perfectly in the luggage compartment of the Taiga, and I often don’t even have to fold my clothes and risk them getting wrinkled,” adds Kotková. The question is, how well will her favorite surfboard fit in such a compact car…

But maybe her partner Petr Lexa, singer and frontman of the band Slza, who has also become the brand’s new ambassador, can help her in this regard. But he has reportedly been loyal to Volkswagen since the time he first sat behind the wheel.

Photo: Volkswagen

“Volkswagen is a sweetheart. Among my first cars was an old used Passat, which experienced about 150 thousand kilometers with me traveling to concerts. He never left me in a tizzy, right up to the end,” recalls Petr Lexa, who also chose an SUV from VW, but a significantly larger one.

Petr chose the Touareg model in blue and with the R-Line equipment level.

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