Nastya chips, a watch! “Generous” Timati congratulated himself on Valentine’s Day with a gift for 100 million

As if Reshetova was gone, Yunusov again showed his egoism.

The rapper has long established itself as a hefty spender, but his last purchase surprised even those who were used to everything by haters and fans. February 14, on Valentine’s Day, Timati clearly demonstrated that he is first of all his favorite, having “boasted” on his Instagram a new watch worth more than 100 million rubles, while his chosen one was content with … a bouquet of flowers. Obviously, buying an accessory at the price of an elite apartment in Moscow touched Reshetov, and she did not fail to “prick” her other half in the microblogging with the recognition that Timati usually organizes for her quite a budgetary leisure in the form of “appetizers for TV shows”. It turns out that the rapper set his priorities well: Nastya chips, a watch for himself! So the “generous” Timati congratulated himself on Valentine’s Day with a gift for a fabulous amount!

It seems that the careless rapper does not care that soon the army of haters will outgrow the number of thinning fans. And his actions will be perceived defiantly far beyond the circle of close people who, apparently, have not liked the shocking behavior of Timati for a long time.

The rapper has already been “hit” at the evening show of Ivan Urgant. The witty showman severely ridiculed the puffy Yunusov, while swearing at his audience with the words that now Timati’s watches can be considered a “public domain”, to which everyone who listened to his songs and ate branded burgers was involved. But the rapper, it seems, has long been not interested in the opinion of his audience, as well as the feelings of his chosen one.


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