Nasty aftertaste for Oranje Leeuwinnen after World Cup final: ‘Still struggling with it’

Sari van Veenendaal is still disappointed when she remembers the lost World Cup final in France against the United States (0-2). The Oranje Leeuwinnen goalkeeper believes that the Netherlands was close to the world title and therefore cannot be happy with a second place.

For an hour, Van Veenendaal kept the clear and the Dutch women’s team had a view of the world title, but then Megan Rapinoe took a penalty and it became 0-1. After Rose Lavelle’s 0-2, it was definitely over. “I still occasionally have problems with the fact that we just didn’t make it”, says Van Veenendaal six months later to the NOS. “Maybe even more than immediately after the game.”

The goalkeeper, who was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament, does not have to be congratulated on the second place. “I realize how close we were.” Almost perfect “is the best description, because the second place is no winning. That feeling will always linger, even though it was a fantastic performance.”

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