Nassim Hadjbenali, photographer who freezes smiles in the name of peace in Saint-Étienne.

“A picture is worth a thousand lies”

This sentence by Claude Jasin, Canadian artist who passed away in 2021, does not match the identity and work of Nassim Hadjbenali which has been offering for several years through the prism of photography a human and humanist vision of life, beyond prejudice and ideas received.

A snapshot from Nassim Hadjbenali’s “Re-frame Islam” exhibition.
Nassim Hadjbenali

No and Algeria and having traveled to several countries as part of her studies, it is photography that will take over when she studies atCentral Missouri University in the United States which will lead him to get to know this vehicle better. It is also during his studious excursions that he will realize what is now his project of him who wishes to travel: “Reformulating Islam”.

The children of September 11, 2001

Nassim Hadjbenali was a young teenager when the eyes of the world were on the twin towers of World Trade Center but start giving names and faces to this terrorist act that unjustly binds itself to an entire community, while claiming its support for the American people while recalling the violent and distorted interpretations of the message of the Koran.

The smile as a universal dialogue on display
The smile as universal dialogue at Nassim Hadjbenali’s “Re-frame Islam” exhibition.
Nassim Hadjbenali

Do not engage in politics, even if everyone artistic approach appears as such, Nassim enters his goal American and German mosques to catch the smile of those who come to pray and offer it as a message of peace. Men, women, young or old offer us as the only posture this invitation to tolerance and exchange renew ties overwhelmed by acquired ideas or by ignorance of others.

Invest in tolerance

“Reformulating Islam”as another look at the Muslim community and a way to fight prejudice.

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The Nassim Hadjbenali exhibition will take up residence at Brainstorming of Saint-Etienne Thursday 08 December 2022 with conference-debate from 19:00 in the presence of the artist.

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