Nasrdin Dchar about corona: ‘We have learned nothing from it’

“I fully agree that the number of infections must go down. It means that we as a society have not paid attention, that we all just shit about what we experienced last spring,” said Nasrdin, who now that due to new tightened measures his show ADEM may no longer be able to play.

“I don’t see any more miracles happening in the coming days,” he continues. “We will all be screwed. I think it is terrible, I just started playing. But if the best for all of us is that the country is locked, then so be it.”

Ironically, Nasrdin had foreseen it. While writing ADEM, he said it several times to his director Floris van Delft. “‘You will see,’ I would say to Floris, ‘if we have finished this performance, which is largely about corona, we cannot perform it.”

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