Nashwa Mustafa: Hisham Selim took care of the Hajj expenses of a great artist

The actress’s route Nashwa Mustafaa humanitarian stance of the late artist Hisham Selim, who reveals his love for helping his peers in the art community.

Dove, “Nashwa” wrote, via her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, a post in which she said: “I thought something about Hisham Selim, who may not know you very much. When I get excited, I don’t ‘ If you have an Arab, you can accompany me on your way to the nearest place I go, take a taxi, so I told her a taxi, how did you get to the front door.

And she continued: “And we were walking. She told me she knew the apartment you were taking me to. This is who Jabhali is. Did I tell her who? She said to me: Sherihan, and she told me she was working with her. in the Mohammed Ali Street show, and he used to come every day from Tanta to Cairo and come back again because his house was there, And when Sherihan knew about it, he said to her, “Look at the apartment you love and I’ll buy it for you, and when she bought it, she was very happy, and went on, when Hisham knew how to bless her and told her to brush her or not, she told him her mattress, he told her, brush her. “

Nashwa Mustafa: Hisham Selim asked the great artist to pray for him

And she added: “He told him, jokingly, okay, what are you doing? One more thing. He told him at your command. I told him myself, I’m going on a pilgrimage, the second day I met a tourist company who spoke to her and told her that Hisham had paid the full cost and it was 50 thousand pounds, and she was a party. He gave her the travel expenses and told her to pray for me. “

Nashwa Mustafa: Hisham Selim took care of the Hajj expenses of a great artist

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