“Nasha Rasha” star Sergej Svetlakov has sold his luxury villa in Jurmala

Russian actor and comedian Sergej Svetlakov has sold his house in Jurmala, where he spent the summer with his family for the last 10 years, referring to his post “Telegram”, Lithuanian TV3 reports.

“Hello from Jurmala, I sold my house, but I hope that I will always have the opportunity to meet friends and loved ones. Good luck and peace,” writes the comedian. As it turned out, S. Svetlakovs bought the land in Latvia in 2010, and a year later a house was already standing there – the construction of the mansion, according to media reports, cost approximately 169 thousand euros. There is a small lake near the house, where Sergej often went fishing.

Private Life magazine verified that the house was indeed sold, and the transaction amount was 280,000 euros. The new owner is a 61-year-old Armenian born in Germany.

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