NasDem Says FPI Remains Prohibited If Anies is President, HRS Lawyers Reply Sarcastically


NasDem Deputy Secretary General Hermawi Taslim said Anies Baswedan would still ban it FPI and HTI if elected president. Lawyer from Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS), Aziz Yanuar, responded to the statement.

“What do you mean by FPI, the Islamic Brotherhood Front? There is nothing against the Islamic Brotherhood Front, really,” said Aziz Yanuar when contacted, Tuesday (17/11/2022).

“He may be hallucinating,” said Aziz.

It is known, after the government banned the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), the group of supporters and followers of Habib Rizieq declared the Islamic Brotherhood Front, also abbreviated as FPI.

Aziz, who is also an administrator for the Islamic Brotherhood Front, also criticized Hermawi Taslim. He asked Taslim to be down to earth and not talk nonsense.

“Yeah, like hallucinating and over-superior sometimes. Down to earth suppose to be. Not yet fully in power, his behavior is like that, change,” he said.

“How are you going to restore Indonesia if the mentality is still like that of an inlander, like fellow nation’s children?” he said.

Anies Called Still Will Ban FPI and HTI

Hermawi Taslim ensured that banned organizations would remain banned if Anies Baswedan was elected president in the 2024 presidential elections. Taslim said this was a shared commitment.

“Regarding FPI and HTI and all kinds of things, that’s our joint commitment. Don’t even Anies, even someone else who becomes a minister, who becomes president of NasDem will set up bodies so that these banned organizations are still banned,” said Taslim at the event. Adu Collaborative Perspective detikcom with Total Politics themed ‘Party Coalition: Tighter or Disband’, Monday (16/1/2023).

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Taslim said that NasDem gave a guarantee that it would continue to ban the banned organization. He said the decision would be maintained.

“If we give a guarantee, that decision will continue to be maintained by the banned organization, but it is prohibited,” he explained.

Taslim added that the banning of HTI and FPI was part of the NasDem struggle. Apart from that, Taslim said that NasDem would also continue President Jokowi’s program which was considered good.

“The banning of HTI and FPI was part of the NasDem struggle for years, long before we declared Anies. And not only that, there were lots of decisions made by the Jokowi government that we consider good and we will continue, for sure,” he explained.

Watch the video ‘NasDem Guarantees HTI-FPI Remains Banned If Anies Becomes President’:

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