NASA’s Osiris Rex Mission: Returning with Materials from Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s Osiris Rex Mission: Returning with Materials from Asteroid Bennu

New York: NASA and researchers are waiting for the special object that will reach the Earth. NASA explains that after seven years of research, the spacecraft will return to Earth’s vicinity on Sunday with material collected from the asteroid. The probe is expected to deposit material collected by the mother probe Osiris Rex in the Utah desert.

The researchers explain that after years of research, the materials containing stones and dust weighing 250 grams are going to reach the earth. NASA researchers are thrilled that these are far more than Japan has collected from two other asteroids. This is the first time that materials have been collected from asteroids and stored in capsules and delivered to Earth in this way. If the Osirisrex mission is successful, it is estimated that carbon-rich rocky and dusty material will provide clues about the source of the solar system.

Researchers hope the asteroid could have broader implications for Earth and life. The 602 billion kilometer journey is expected to end by Sunday. A mission to collect material from the asteroid was launched in 2016. The probe will reach asteroid Bennu in 2018. The probe spent two years collecting material. The probe’s capsule contains valuable information that could reveal how the solar system formed.

Researchers are awaiting the successful completion of the first NASA mission to visit a near-Earth asteroid, examine the surface and collect a sample to bring back to Earth. Colorado-based flight controllers manage the spacecraft. This is the largest sample collected by a NASA mission since the Apollo astronauts returned with moon rocks.

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