NASA Will Test Giant SLS Rocket Next June NASA announced that it would conduct a full launch practice trial of a megarocket or rocket giant Space Launch System (SLS) in June.

Reported from GizmodoFriday (27/5/2022), the exercise in June is the inaugural full launch exercise of NASA’s Space Launch System.

The NASA ground team said they had previously resolved a number of technical issues during a wet dress rehearsal session in April.

In the next launch practice session, the team will load the megarocket or giant rocket with super-cold propellant and practice a countdown.

After three unsuccessful attempts at dress rehearsal, megarocket or SLS giant rocket it was transported back to the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on April 26, 2022 for repair.

Various technical problems were found to be the cause of the launch drill failures megarocket NASA This prevented the team from being able to fully load the cryogenic propellant or propulsion material on the giant rocket.

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Failure in dress rehearsal rocket launch NASA’s SLS giants include a faulty top-stage helium valve, a hydrogen leak in the tail service cord, and inadequate delivery of nitrogen gas.

However, in the latest information presented at his press conference, senior vehicle operations manager at NASA, Cliff Lanhman said, the various technical problems that caused the failure had been resolved.

The team has replaced the faulty helium valve, redesigned the center boot, and added a leak detector.

In addition, the team has also tested an improved nitrogen gas system.

After fixing and upgrading to be more effective for some of the problems that exist in NASA’s megarocket or SLS giant rocket, Cliff Lanhman said, a call to the station for launch will occur at 18:00 ET (eastern time), June 5, 2022.

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