NASA will crash an asteroid’s moon

The objective of the mission is to prevent a space mass from colliding with Earth. The Cnet news website stated that the test would demonstrate whether it is possible to change the direction, by means of a kinetic impact, of asteroids that are directed at this planet.

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Previously, the moon with which the ship will collide was called Didymos B, but its name changed to Dimorphos, which means “two shapes”, since it has one now and will have another after impact.

Surely the asteroid Didymos, which does not pose a danger to Earth, was chosen because it is very likely to pass near this planet in 2022 and 2024, according to an article published by BBC News in 2017.


It should be noted that DART is not being designed solely by NASA, but also by the Italian Space Agency. In addition, the effects of the mission will be analyzed by the European Space Agency, which will send a ship in 2024 to Didymos, Cnet explained.


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