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NASA: There are not less than a trillion Earth-like planets within the universe – Sinar Harapan


NASA has plans to ship astronauts again to the floor of the moon within the subsequent few years, with 4 astronauts set to orbit the moon subsequent 12 months.

“We do not have to return to the moon simply to go to the moon. We return to be taught new issues. So we are able to go to Mars and past,” stated Administrator Invoice Nelson.

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On Mars, a analysis mission with the Perseverance Rover is at present investigating Jezero Crater, which was as soon as a lake on the Purple Planet.

Scientists focus on the potential of previous life there.

“He took samples and drilled them with this drill, created a cigar-sized core pattern and sealed it in a titanium tube,” Nelson stated.

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“We’re contemplating methods to return these samples to Earth to seek out out if life exists. “

NASA has collaborated with numerous firms to develop plans for the return of the samples, which is anticipated to occur within the 2030s.

The area company can also be collaborating with Firebird Diagnostics to seek for indicators of life on Mars.

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“Proper now we’re making an attempt to determine how to return and get them and produce them again to Earth so we are able to get an concept of ​​whether or not or not there’s life,” stated Firebird founder Steven Benner. Diagnostics.

Nelson confirmed that NASA remains to be making an attempt to reply questions on life exterior the Earth.

“I do not suppose so. However, on this universe, what number of planets like Earth do we all know of? That is a giant query,” he stated. ***

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