Home Technology NASA shows the best images as they say goodbye to "Spitzer" telescope

NASA shows the best images as they say goodbye to “Spitzer” telescope

Farther from Earth than we ever thought

The telescope followed the earth on its way around the sun, but fell back over time, causing problems with the solar powered batteries. Also the helium, which the instruments of the telescope cooled down, has long gone out. ” ‘Sharpener‘is farther from Earth than we ever thought it would be while it was still operating,’ said Nasa Manager Sean Carey for the 15th anniversary of the telescope said. With “creative and inventive” solutions, Nasa engineers extended the life expectancy of “Sharpener“A bit further anyway.

Thousands of scientists haveSharpener“Observed space for well over 100,000 hours, the data from which has been incorporated into more than 8,600 scientific articles, as well as numerous doctoral theses and books. Among the most important discoveries of the telescope belong to a gigantic dust ring to the Saturn and several exoplanets.


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