NASA shows the beauty of the photos of Jupiter’s moon “Europa”, Jakarta – NASA share a screenshot from the Juno satellite, in the form of a photo of one of the The moon of Jupiter, Europe. This series of photos of Europe was released by NASA on Thursday (09/29/2022).

This photo, taken while the Juno satellite hovered near Europa, shows the surface of the moon’s equatorial region called the Annwn Region. The shooting distance is the closest distance, which is 219 miles or 352 kilometers.

This distance is the third closest distance below 500 kilometers, after the Galileo satellite managed to approach a distance of 218 miles, or 351 kilometers, from the lunar surface on January 3, 2000.

This ensures that the Galileo satellite still holds the performance record fly over to the closest Europe.

The capture offers scientists a new image of moon the frozen. Europa is thought to have oceans flowing beneath its thick icy crust.

This estimate makes scientists think about the possibility of life underwater. They hope to conduct research on this possibility.

They also praise success Juno satellite who managed to do fly over closer to Europa, a moon roughly the same size as Earth’s moon.

Europe is an ice-covered sea believed to be about 15 miles thick, researchers suspect there is life behind the ice.

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