NASA Satellite Finds ‘Bear Face’ on the Surface of Planet Mars

WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.TVA camera mounted on a satellite by the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found a structure resembling a bear’s face on the surface of Mars. This photo also adds to the row of sightings that are familiar to humans in random space objects.

Launch IndependentFriday (27/1/2023), the structure of this “bear face” was recorded by a high-resolution camera attached to the US University of Arizona to NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite.

The “bear face” consists of two craters that resemble bear eyes. Under the two craters, there is a part of a V-shaped crushed hill that resembles a snout.

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“There is a hill with a collapsing V-shaped structure (snout), two craters (eyes), and a circular pattern of fractures (head),” said a University of Arizona statement.

“This feature is to resemble a bear’s face,” the statement continued.

Scientists say the circular pattern could have been caused by deposits on top of a buried crater. While the muzzle-like structure is said to be probably volcanic outpouring or mud.

This is not the first time strange geological formations familiar to humans have been found on Mars. Previously, NASA satellites also found strange geological formations that resemble “alien doors.”

Psychologists and neurologists say this phenomenon is due to the human tendency to see something meaningful in objects that are actually formed at will.

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