NASA releases files from a sensor so you don’t touch your face

NASA publishes this project where it developed a sensor so that it does not touch the face due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has everyone involved in this fight. Up to NASA apparently.

Or that is what I suggest his most recent project that has been made public and freely accessible. Where they created a strange necklace that works as a sensor to prevent people they touch their faces.

As we already know, the act of touching your face and eyes with potentially contaminated hands would be one of the most forceful and dangerous ways to get infected with the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus.

There is an absurd amount of viral videos demonstratives that show us how difficult it is to stop touching unconsciously.

That is why the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released 3d print files of PULSE.

It is a motion sensor that hangs like a necklace so it can detect when your hands are about to touch your face.

The space agency made all the necessary instructions available to print the necklace and assemble its components. All accompanied by that demo video which makes the general operation of PULSE clear.

It may not be the most aesthetic accessory to hang around the neck, but its usefulness is indisputable.



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