NASA offers great fun for those who love all things outer space

That Globalism which is behind the blue planet Full of mystery and magic. Various space agencies around the world are also working to unravel some of their mysteries. Thank you for Social media With such an organization, people, especially those who love anything related to outer space, get a chance to enjoy the wonders of the universe. For example, this audio video from NASA is nothing but a delicious treat for space lovers.

However, this is not the first sonication video published by the space agency. Their Instagram page is filled with clips showing how data collected from space is translated into sound.

This special post from NASA shows “one of the most active galaxies in our cosmic environment, NGC 1569.”

“This galaxy of stars is creating stars at a rate 100 times faster than our galaxy, the Milky Way!” NASA wrote in the caption while explaining more about the galaxy, featuring a sonication video. In the next few lines, they add some additional information.

Scientists copied the information in this Hubble image to create a beautiful sonication with a bottom-up scan. The brighter the light, the louder and louder the intensity. They explain that the three color channels used to process this image are each assigned their own range of tones, with red representing low tones, green in medium tones, and blue in high tones.

Watch this video:

The video was uploaded a day ago. Since being shared, the clip has been viewed more than once and the number continues to grow. The post also encourages people to post different comments.

One Instagram user wrote: “So cute.” “Why does it look exactly as I imagined it to?” Express another. The third wrote, “It’s magical… our universe.” “The sound of the universe! Fourth comment.

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