Nasa observed a huge asteroid on Wednesday, he is here already –

Nasa scientists are watching a giant asteroid – it’s coming in the next few days on us

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on 23.06.2020 at 08:35 PM

Nasa observed an Asteroid that is whizzing on Wednesday at the earth. (Icon image)

Photo: imago images / Science Photo Library

Already in the middle of this week it should be far – then an Asteroid is grass on the earth, the Nasa currently observed.

The Asteroid has received from the U.S. space Agency, the label “441987 (2010 NY65)” and according to Nasa on Wednesday against 12.44 noon our Orbit to happen.

Nasa: 177-Meter Asteroid flies past on Wednesday at the earth

Space chunks with a size of around 177 metres. With a speed of almost 13 miles per second (= 46.400 kilometers per hour) grid, he is currently in the direction of the earth. If you can see the asteroid, however, in the midday sun on Wednesday? If the rocks of the earth happens, it will be at least about 3.75 million miles above the surface of the earth and asteroids, to comets, in contrast, no clearly visible tail.

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In spite of this huge distance, the Nasa classified the asteroid as a “Near Earth Object” (NEO), such as the British “Daily Star“ reported. The are “comets and asteroids, which were driven by the attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them, in the vicinity of the globe.”


What is the difference between comet, Asteroid and Meteorid is?

  • A Comet is a solid body of ice, rock, dust and frozen gases. He leaves behind a trail of fragments and can even fall completely apart. Its luminous tail can be several million kilometers long.
  • A Asteroid (also Small planet called) is a single fraction or piece of Debris from stone or iron. Its size can vary from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers. They usually only occur as small faint points of light.
  • Meteoroids are smaller than asteroids, and produce phenomena at the entry into the earth’s atmosphere to light (shooting stars). If the Meteorid not burning up in the atmosphere and on the earth’s surface strikes are called in Meteorite.


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It was, however, and in the case of the authority: in Principle, it is a stage where all the asteroids as the NEOs, the earth coming closer than 1.3 astronomical units, or around 194.5 million kilometers.

Nasa experts: Asteroid returns in 2022

The scientists believe that the Asteroid may hit the earth. But for the case, that he should, nevertheless, penetrate accidentally into our atmosphere, do you want to have an eye on him.

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If he is sure whooshed past the earth, attributed to Nasa that he will reach in two years again the earth.


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