NASA Makes New Astronaut Clothes, Temperature Resistant to the Moon

Astronaut Outfit Photo:

JAKARTA, NASA is developing a new spacesuit with a built-in cooling system to help astronaut withstand the unfiltered sunlight on the Moon.

NASA hopes their clothing will be able to protect astronaut those of the moon’s temperature which can reach a boiling point of 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius or 400 Kelvin) on lunar day at the moon’s equator.

While the concept of a built-in cooling system dates back to the Apollo missions of the 1970s, the US space agency has added additional new features to suits that can withstand harsh sunlight.

According to NASA, the new spacesuit is equipped with a pressure sensor, a thermal control loop to maintain the set temperature, and has the ability to release warm water vapor into space.

“As NASA embraces a commercial partnership to optimize spacesuit technology as part of the Artemis program, the Spacesuit Evaporation Rejection Flight Experiment (SERFE) payload continues to be tested on the International Space Station,” NASA wrote in the clip’s caption.

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According to NASA, the latest cooling technology is being tested for the upcoming Artemis mission, which will take place in 2025. The program aims to return humans to the Moon.

In 2025, Artemis 3 will take humans to the moon with the first women and people of color to reach the lunar surface.

The crew will land near the moon’s south pole, which is believed to have a large amount of ice.(fig).

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