NASA launches online game to promote the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope

NASA has developed an online game to promote its next universe exploration tool, the space telescope Nancy Grace Roman. Called the “Roman Space Observer Game”, the game challenges the player to use the telescope to capture a series of cosmic objects, such as galaxies and black holes, that pass across the screen.

The game is free, runs in the browser and it has a very simple interface, with retro graphics in the style of 8-bit systems. The player manipulates the Nancy Grace Roman telescope (the “blue squares” in the image below) as cosmic objects flash across the screen.

The objective is to position the telescope, using the directional keys, on an object and press space to “capture” it, making as many points as possible in 1 minute. Each type of cosmic object is worth a different amount of points.

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope must chase the moving objects on the screen to perform its observations — and score points (Image: Playback/Screenshot/Roman Game/NASA)

The game’s developers said that the objective is, in addition to presenting the science that “Nancy” will develop in space, to inform about the amazing objects that will be studied by him. The list includes supernovas, exoplanets that do not orbit stars (called “strays”) and even the James Webb Space Telescopelaunched at the end of last year.

The launch of Nancy Grace Roman is scheduled for the middle of this decade, and it will be NASA’s most advanced space telescope. Your mission will help to understand great mysteries such as the evolution of the universe and its fate, exoplanets and galaxies far away, as well as the dark energy and dark matter. It will be in an orbit similar to that of James Webb, at an orbital point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, known as Lagrange Point 2 (L2).

Artist’s concept of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (Image: Reproduction/NASA)

Source: NASA


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