NASA Finds Planet TOI 700 e, which is similar in size to Earth, is it really habitable?


NASA finds a planet the size of Earth that it calls habitable. – Some time ago, NASA finds a planet the size of Earth orbiting a distant star.

For information, NASA is the United States federal agency responsible for space research.

On January 8, 2023, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that it has discovered Planet TOI 700 e.

These findings were presented by the research team at the 241st meeting Amerixan Astronomical Society in Seattle on Tuesday (10/01).

This planet is said to have a size similar to Earth. It is large and rocky, but still considered habitable.

This planet is in the habitable zone. This zone is one of the supporting factors to ensure the continuity of life in it.

Indeed, what is the condition of planet TOI 700 e to be called habitable? Let’s find out together, come on!

Penemuan Planet TOI 700 and

Do you guys know? Planet TOI 700 e is the second planet that NASA has found in the habitable zone.

Previously, NASA found a planet in the same zone, namely Planet TOI 700 d, which orbits every 37 days.

Reported from Kompas.comthis newly discovered planet takes about 28 days to orbit its star.

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Planet TOI 700 e was discovered by a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University led by Kevin Stevenson and Jacob Lustig-Yaeger.

The research team made observations of this habitable planet using the James Webb space telescope.

Previously, the research team had reviewed from Transiting Exoplanet Survey (TESS) NASA caught the existence of the planet.

The TESS mission, which lasted for two years, allowed scientists to survey the solar system.

This survey was carried out by monitoring the brightness level of the star, which is constantly decreasing due to the movement of the planets around it.

Interestingly, the existence of planet TOI 700 e can be captured easily and clearly with just two observations.

Apart from TOI 700 e, NASA has already discovered two other planets orbiting the same star system.

In total there are four planets in the TOI 700 system that have been discovered by NASA, namely 700 b, c, d and e which were recently discovered.

The first planets discovered by NASA were TOI 700 b and c.

TOI 700 b is about 90 percent the size of Earth. Meanwhile, TOI 700 c is 2.5 times larger than Earth.

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However, these two planets are known to orbit too close to their star for their temperatures to be too hot.

This makes the availability of water unusable to support the life of living things.

Is Planet TOI 700 e Really Habitable?

As Bobo mentioned earlier, this planet is a habitable planet.

This planet is said to have a size that is 95 percent similar to the size of the planet Earth we live in now.

This planet that has a rocky surface is found orbiting a star that is in the habitable zone.

The star’s orbit is close enough to Earth for its temperature to be warm enough to keep liquid water on its surface.

The TOI 700 system is a red dwarf in the constellation Dorado, which is about 100 light years from the solar system.

The TOI 700 system is one of very few star systems that have small planets in the habitable zone.

Unlike the Sun, this red dwarf has a cooler temperature but is quite warm.

This temperature can be used to keep water in liquid form on the surface so that it is called habitable.

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Even so, further research is still needed regarding whether or not it is feasible to be inhabited by living things.

So, that’s all about Planet TOI 700 e, which NASA calls a habitable planet. May be useful!



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