NASA Finally Opens Up About the Sun Rising from the West

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some time ago, an upload on social media said that the sun was doing something out of the ordinary, rising from the west.

Posts The Thai and English speakers said the activity occurred because of a magnetic reversal. To support his claim, the upload even wrote that NASA supported the information they uploaded.

“Earth will rotate in the opposite direction causing the Sun to emerge from the west side. Researchers believe that we are moving towards a magnetic field reversal that will mark the end of mankind and near the end of the world,” said post the.

NASA has denied this claim. Bettina Inclan, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Communications, said NASA and other organizations never predicted that.

“Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization predicts the Sun will rise from the west,” he explained.

But he confirmed the phenomenon of magnetic reversal as something real and ever happened. Scientists are also called to study the phenomenon.

He also emphasized that the magnetic reversal does not make the Earth rotate in the opposite direction nor does it change the direction of the Sun’s appearance.

“The magnetic field reversal is indeed a real phenomenon that has occurred several times in the past and scientists around the world are studying it, but the statement that this causes the Earth to rotate in the opposite direction which causes the sun to rise from the west is false,” Inclan said.

However, in fact the phenomenon of the sun rising from the west does occur and sets in the east. Not on Earth, but on the neighboring planet Venus.

Venus is known to rotate on its axis in the opposite direction from Earth. The length of time the planet’s rotation reaches 243 days while to circle the sun reaches 225 Earth days.

With that difference, Venus has an impact on the appearance of the Sun. The star only rises per 117 Earth days on Venus or only twice a year.

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