NASA drops the Orion spacecraft in a giant pool

The pilot version of the Orion capsule returns to water in preparation for the Artemis II mission.

The pilot version of the Orion capsule returns to water in preparation for the Artemis II mission.
picture: NASA (Fair use)

NASA is preparing to drop a 14,000 pound model Orion spacecraft into a large basin in Virginia, the latest in a series of drop tests that led to the lunar mission of Artemis II. The test is set to 1:45 pm ET and will be available to watch live on NASA TV (see broadcast below).

Drop the form Crew Unit This will take place in NASA’s Hydro Impact Basin. The new series of tests began on March 23 and focused on finalizing computer models of loads and structures ahead of 2023’s manned flight to the moon., A mission called Artemis II (Astronauts won’t actually land on the moon during this mission – which we hope to come during Artemis III). This pool is 20 feet deep and contains about one and a half Olympic pools. Dropping the capsules from different angles and at different speeds helped NASA engineers understand how the capsules survived in real-world conditions, such as entering Earth’s atmosphere and spraying into the ocean.

Before the SpaceX Crew Dragon team landed in the Gulf of Mexico last August, 45 years have passed since NASA made its launch. Now half a century after the Apollo program, Artemis’s mission will return humans to the moon, with plans to drop our species on the moon alongside Artemis III by 2024.. The mission should also see the astronauts return safely, rocking again in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

NASA trains every element of landing, from Cancel the system To recover the spaceship. The new drop test will build on previous avalanches and raise NASA’s awareness of what Orion and his crew will experience in the crucial final moments of Artemis II’s return flight.

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