NASA capsule will return in December to pave the way for travel to Mars | Orion Capsule | Artemis 1 | “Back to the Moon” program

Beijing Time:26-11-2022 12:48

[New Tang Dynasty News, ora di Pechino, 26 novembre 2022]After more than 50 years, humanity has once again launched a manned return to the lunar plane. recent,NASAlaunched successfullyArtemis IHow about the latest developments, Rockets? We see.

Orion capsuleOn the eighth day of the trip, Wednesday took the time to take a selfie as a testimonial.

hownasaNASAArtemis I(The Artemis I)go to the moonrocket part,Orion capsule(spaceship Orion) is completing a planned trip around the moon.

The entire journey will take 25.5 days and travel 40,000 miles past the moon, with the Orion capsule due to return to Earth on December 11. This will be the furthest manned space journey by humans. It’s just that what’s being transported this time is a scientifically effective inanimate weight.

NASA plans to create an unprecedented astronaut reception station on a lunar outpost through the Orion capsule program, paving the way for a flight to Mars.

Artemisgo to the moonThere are three phases to the plan: After completing this mission, the first manned plane is expected to be carried out in August 2023, and the moon landing mission is expected to be carried out in October 2024.

Full report by NTDTV reporters Qiu Yue and Mingyu

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