NASA announces the successful collision of a space probe with an asteroid in the first test to defend Earth

(CNN) – The US space agency “NASA” announced Tuesday that its spacecraft deliberately managed to collide with an asteroid in humanity’s first test to defend the planet.

The collision happened as expected, which led to shouts of joy at the vehicle’s console in Maryland, as the console’s crew was following the historic first mission of its kind.

Although the asteroid Demorphos posed no threat to Earth, this experiment was demonstrating how to disperse space rocks that could pose a threat in the future.

It will take some time before NASA can determine whether the collision was able to successfully alter the asteroid’s path, a key mission goal.

And the International Astronomy Center had stated prior to the experiment, in a statement, that “the experiment aims to change the orbit of the small asteroid by colliding with it, and it is hoped from the experiment that the collision will change the orbit. of the small asteroid to head inward and become a smaller and faster orbit, thus reducing its rotation period to seconds or minutes. “”.

The statement stressed that “this asteroid poses no danger to the Earth, but was chosen for astronomical considerations, including the fact that it is easy to track with ground-based telescopes after collision, so that it can be monitored by a large network. based on observers to determine if the experiment is successful or not, and if this experiment is successful. This technology becomes one of the solutions to deal with a dangerous asteroid headed towards Earth. “

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