Napoli could sell Chucky Lozano

The coronavirus pandemic has left great economic havoc on the soccer industry. Naples It has not been the exception and together with the health emergency, the possibility of being left out of European posts has set off the alarms at the institution.

According to Ricardo Ortiz, from ESPN, Lozano would enter among the possible casualties of Napoli to clean up the institution.

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“The Laurentiis team needs that kind of income to be able to afford expenses, survive and continue to compete at a high level. The blow of the pandemic has been very hard, but if it does not qualify for the Champions (League) it will be terrible, and players like Chucky, Koulibaly and Fabián Ruíz himself, are players who do not have a good value, and are wanted by several equipment and I would not be surprised if he is willing to sell some ”, said the communicator.

The communicator explained that in the case of Lozano it would be a good move for the Neapolitan cadre as “They could recoup the investment.”

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Lozano arrived in Serie A in the 2019-20 season for around 35 million euros. Although in his first campaign he had problems with adaptation, in the current season he lives a great present and already records 9 goals.

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