Napoli-Atalanta: Spalletti’s conference

Naples: Spalletti’s conference

You choose among those who remain, it is essential to remain united to protect the team. We have shown that we care about this shirt and you can see it every day in all training sessions. There is no better occasion than when you happen to play games like this. We must find new energies and new resources to better face this commitment. It must be well imprinted in the head that we are the means to achieve our happiness and that of all those people who are close to us and love us. We have a strong rose and I say it, then there is someone who does not say it. We are well covered, but there are many stronger than us. We are complete, especially in attack, we are fine, but there are others who are certainly better. Atalanta are a tough and complete team, they know where they want to go. We can annoy him, but we have to see how the game is conducted. Either you lead it or they take you for a walk, this must be avoided because they can hurt you very much “.

On disqualification

“I find it hard to bear it, because I am erased from my world. I live to be a coach and be with the team. When I spend time in meetings to say what behavior we should have on the pitch and on the bench, even with the rest of the team. staff, I ask him to have a certain behavior, especially to the players. You have to accept referee mistakes like I can do when I miss a substitution. What I have done must not be done, I will have to pay the fine to the team because I have not had a correct behavior. You have to hold back in some cases and I didn’t. Being out, however, bothers me and I’m sorry, I like to live the game and stay in it. “

How is the team doing after the draw with Sassuolo?

“We are still able to send 16 players onto the field, you can do whatever you want even if we lack captain and commander (Insigne and Koulibaly, ed), we have many other officers in the team. There are people like Mertens, Di Lorenzo, Mario Rui, Ospina, Rrahmani who has now become a leader, Zielinski who is a bit taciturn but tough when asked to go out on the pitch to do a certain type of work. And the others, who have been hungry on the market. European team. We will have to be good at directing the game on our qualities, not clashing with Atalanta’s qualities. This will make the difference. We will not have to throw the ball but play it, they win duels. Everything passes through the management of every single thing what do you do when you have the ball. “

About Demme and Politano

“Evaluations must be made. Of this he will also bring in the scientific possibilities we have to evaluate things. It would mean giving him further news of what the training could be, but Gasperini is already good and already has a lot of news, so I keep this to myself. “

His Juan Jesus

“It’s easy because I’ve known him for some time. The most significant thing is how he is received when a player enters the locker room. He has already been appreciated for his qualities and the person in previous years, everyone in our world speaks well of him. And then he has experience, strength to sell, knowledge. It is clear that being ready is what makes the difference for those who have played less, but he has all the characteristics to carry out the tasks in a precise manner “.

About Mertens

“Tomorrow is the captain, so he is the one who has to give us a hand and show us the way. Ask me about Mertens? Tell me, you have seen well who Mertens is, I appreciated him from the outside”.

On the calendar

“We need to find a little more space to allow the recovery of the muscle as well as the head. We are all there with the breath on the neck of the players, even I can become pressure for them. We should have the opportunity to have extra hours in a day to allow to the players to recover, in this complexity of dates I happened to not make them do anything, to play a game after three days without having done anything. There is also the mental cost of travel, between travel and means of transport. In Russia we were standing an hour to check-in to go out, then it takes the trip to the area, then the bus. And when you come back you are crushed. But these are the skills of a really strong person on a mental level, who has a family but that creates an order that makes him find again after three days able to deliver a performance. I have had many footballers in my career, but in this case I am dealing with serious professionals. “

Your Ounas

“He’s ready. I was sorry not to have him available in this period, he would have entered the final game with Sassuolo if Koulibaly hadn’t been hurt. It would have been the right weapon at that moment because he has strength and doesn’t let himself be mounted. on”.


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