Napoleon Bonaparte’s hug to M Kace after hitting the table


Persecution trial M Kace who ensnared the former Head of the International Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte tinged with drama. From the table banging incident to Napoleon’s hug to M Kace.

The trial was held at the South Jakarta District Court, Jalan Ampera Raya, South Jakarta, Thursday (23/6/2022). M Kace arrived around 10.50 WIB. M Kace wears brown batik clothes and is handcuffed.

First hitter M Kace

M Kace said it was the former Commander of the FPI Laskar, Maman Suryadi, who first hit him. After being beaten, M Kace was covered in human waste by Inspector General Napoleon et al.

“After Maman came, what statement was remembered?” asked one of Napoleon’s lawyers, Ahmad Yani.

M Kace (Wilda Hayatun Nufus/detikcom)

“The same question with Heri and the defendant why do you say the Prophet Muhammad had a big head. I answered that it was in the hadith,” said Kace.

Suddenly Kace’s statement made Maman annoyed. Maman, called Kace, then hits him.

“That’s direct mukul“page Kace.

“Which mukul who? “asked Ahmad Yani.

“That Maman, the first mukul Maman,” ucap Kace.

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Watch the video: CCTV footage when Inspector General Napoleon slapped Kace in shock admitting to be an atheist

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