Naomi Campbell turns 50: supermodel, benefactor and diva

«When I started, I was not booked for certain shows because of my skin color. I didn’t let this upset me. » Naomi Campbell wrote this in her two-volume autobiography “Naomi Campbell”, which is available in limited numbers at the price of 2,800 francs. «I understood what it was like to be black. You had to make an extra effort. You had to be twice as good. »

Campbell grew up in South London with her grandmother in the 1970s. Her mother toured Europe as a dancer while Naomi attended a drama school for children. Even then she appeared on television and in music videos, including Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”. Later she was seen in videos by Michael Jackson (1958-2009), Aretha Franklin (1942-2018), George Michael (1963-2016) and Jay-Z (50).

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