Nantes buys a new painting by Hippolyte Berteaux

1. Hippolyte Berteaux (1843-1926)

Classmate in the workshop, study, 1886

Oil on canvas with gold highlights –

168,5 x 100 cm

Nantes, Museum of Fine Arts

Photo: Galerie Ary Jan

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3/1/22 – Acquisition – Nantes, Museum of Fine Arts – Quite largely forgotten today, Hippolyte Berteaux nevertheless led a fruitful career which led him from Saint-Quentin – his hometown – to Istanbul, where he stayed for four years, working as a painter to the Sultan. This former pupil of Hippolyte Flandrin, Léon Cogniet and Paul Baudry moved to Nantes in 1875, realizing there both numerous portraits, genre scenes but also sets, for the Graslin Theater or the Town Hall. The artist was already well represented in the municipal collections, which have just been enriched with a very attractive painting exhibited at the 1886 Salon, acquired with the support of the DRAC Pays de la Loire from the Ary Jan gallery. This young man in a costumeIncredible was described in the show booklet as the Portrait of a classmate in the workshop, study, even if it is not a study, which was widely emphasized by the critics of the time, while praising its quality. Posing most certainly in the artist’s studio, decorated with embossed leathers subtly rendered with gold highlights, this pipe smoker wearing a cocked hat is represented at the foot but the slight low-angle framing reinforces its look both proud and relaxed. We still do not know who posed for Berteaux, undoubtedly a friend or an acquaintance of the artist or, perhaps, a personality from Nantes whose artist had become one of the appointed portrait painters.

2. Hippolyte Berteaux (1843-1926)

Attack on the life of Hoche; Rennes, October 16, 1796, 1885

Oil on canvas – 208 x 325 cm

Rennes, Museum of Fine Arts

Photo: Jean-Manuel Salingue

See the image in his page

The holding ofIncredible that this young man is wearing is undoubtedly a…

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