Nano-antibodies created to fight new strains of coronavirus


Nano-antibodies appear to fight new strains of coronavirus

Now scientists plan to create drugs based on antibodies and test their effectiveness in volunteers.

Molecular biologists from the University of Oxford in the UK have developed four nano-antibodies that have the ability to bind to particles of a new type of coronavirus and neutralize them. The results of the study, which was crowned with success, published in the journal Research Square.

In their study, scientists used the immunity of llamas living in the nursery of the University of Reading (UK). The animals were injected with a set of membrane fragments and other viral proteins, and after a few days, blood samples were collected and analyzed.

The analysis showed that the llama’s body has developed four nano-antibodies at once, which bind to all types of coronavirus. The antibodies are named H3, F2, C5, and C1.

It was found that injections of antibodies, in a study on Syrian hamsters, prevented weight loss, reduced the number of virus particles in the lungs and suppressed other symptoms of coronavirus infection.

We will remind, earlier the British public health service reported a new mutation of coronavirus B.1.621.

Antibodies from other coronaviruses contribute to the mild course of COVID-19

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