Nanny H is broken in love and meets “Big Pao” in an anonymous chat room. The ending is reversed and she is enlightened for 4 hours

A female netizen encountered 18 bans on the Internet and was banned from chatting with a man. She was eventually enlightened for 4 hours. (Photo/pexels)

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Many people’s treatment after a broken relationship is to start a new relationship and find a new person to chat to divert attention. A female netizen shared a dating software adventure on Dcard, saying that she was in a bad mood because of her disappointment, so she went to the anonymous dating software chat room randomly. Looking for someone to chat, but met a male netizen to enlighten him for 4 hours, which made her cry.

The female netizen isDcardPosting a post saying that I was instigated by the dating brother to cry for 4 hours late at night, and revealed that I was broken up on Valentine’s Day, and I made an appointment with 228 to hang out with my ex-boyfriend. I was too depressed and decided to go to the dating app to find someone to chat. Uploaded the said warm man “Brother Giant Cannon.”

Nanny H meets the giant gun brother to enlighten.  (Picture / cut from Dcard)
Nanny H meets the giant gun brother to enlighten. (Picture / cut from Dcard)

At the beginning, Jupao asked how big the original PO’s chest was, and the original PO answered H at random. The man answered “More than a bell”, and he narrowed the distance between the two people, and started chatting enthusiastically. At first, the two of them had been around sex all the time. The topic is dry talk, and the other party has been sharing his sexual experience and knowledge. The original PO didn’t think he was taking a health education class. After chatting, he suddenly mentioned that the original PO broke up with his ex-boyfriend, Brother Ju Pao. Suddenly, she started to enlighten female netizens with seriousness.

Because the original PO has always had a glimmer of hope in his heart that he wants to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, but Jupao has been slowly reasoning with her, hoping that she will want to open up, and that she can be truly happy, and love her tears, and be serious at the same time. Analyzing this relationship is not worth looking back. The original PO had a burst of crying after watching it, and the two chatted for 4 hours until 6 o’clock in the morning.

Brother Ju Pao decided to keep his memories on the Internet.  (Picture / cut from Dcard) 104
Brother Ju Pao decided to keep his memories on the Internet. (Picture / cut from Dcard) 104

After that, the original PO felt that the conversation was quite good, so he asked the other person if he wanted to be a friend, but in the end, Ju Pao thought that the previous “chat was a bit open and a bit explicit”, in fact, he had some reveries about her, and decided to keep the memories after thinking about it. It’s good to be on the Internet, otherwise he is afraid that when he is a real friend, he will accidentally mess with the original PO. Yuan PO finally sent a short message to Brother Ju Pao to say goodbye to him, and thanked him for his patience and enlightenment.

After reading the posts, netizens left a lot of comments: “He is quite open, and he doesn’t mean to cheat”, “In fact, woo is really quite a lot of people who will listen to your thoughts”, “It’s really possible to continue to talk. You become a friend of artillery, and it’s the kind of emotional artillery.”



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