Nancy | Miscellaneous facts. Football: suspicion of Nazi salute during ASNL match

A preliminary investigation was opened for “provocation to racial hatred”, after the football match which took place Saturday August 8 at the Marcel-Picot stadium in Nancy, between the ASNL and the Germans of Saarbrücken.

The investigations were entrusted by the Nancy prosecutor’s office to the Urban Violence Brigade (BVU) of the Departmental Security which has two photos. Images which, however, leave a very large part in the doubt as to a possible Nazi salute which would have been carried out by a supporter outside the stadium, when the Ultras of the two teams – longtime friends – had found themselves to walk together in a single festive pre-match procession, between the Lido swimming pool and the Picot stadium. The gesture considered suspicious, would have been carried out by an individual wearing a balaclava in the colors of the Ultras of Saarbrücken. However, the individual is not identified. We do not know his nationality or even if he is affiliated with Ultras visitors. It is the whole task of identification that awaits the investigators in the first place.

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