Nancy Lang has moved 4 times in 5 years … Why live a homeless tramp?

The desperate story of pop artist Nancy Lang has been revealed.

Pop artist Nancy Lang appeared as the fourth client in desperate need of tidying up on tvN’s “Rapid Cleanup 2: Urgent Cleanup” which aired at 7:20 pm on 5.

On this day, Nancy Lang revealed the story of living a homeless wanderer who moved four times in five years. Since he lives with an acquaintance’s house, he finds himself in a desperate situation where he quickly packs his bags every time and doesn’t know when he will move. After the divorce from ex-husband Wang Jin-jin, she is going through difficulties.

In particular, Nancy Lang, the owner of the house, knows where it is, including a large mirror left at the entrance because there is nowhere to put it, a large painting that occupies a living room wall, a living room cluttered with furniture and accessories. epoch, a neglected wardrobe for a year with clothes of all seasons mixed, surprised me an unknown messy house. Her mother’s belongings were also mixed.

“Simple Tidying Up 2: Urgent Tidying Up” is a consulting entertainment program for every corner of the house where you can organize things in your space, “home” and share the know-how to add happiness to your space.

After the house was organized, Nancy Lang was satisfied, saying, “It has become a house where you can take care of me after being out on a battlefield.”

Meanwhile, Korean-American pop artist and broadcaster Nancy Lange has gained recognition by appearing in various entertainment shows with her unique character. In 2017, she went through the process of marrying and divorcing someone who had a history of litigation in the past and even had a court battle. Also, she has found herself in an uncomfortable situation several times due to her artistic actions that don’t match her public sentiment, but she is trying to communicate by appearing on TV again recently.


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