Nancy high school students face the announcements of Emmanuel Macron

On October 28, 2020, President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech to the French, with the second wave of the Covid-19 health crisis as the main theme. During his speech, he announced a confinement said to be “more flexible” than the first. But what will upset a large number of high school students in Nancy is that schools, colleges and high schools remain open.

For the high school students it is the great shock: the majority expected total confinement and the closure of high schools. These students are upset, especially those in Première and Terminale, who are worried about their end-of-year exams, fearing not to succeed.

In order to obtain the opinion of certain high school students in Nancy, 70 students (25 boys and 45 girls) from 9 different high schools were interviewed. The results of the survey are categorical!

71% of high school students believe they should have been confined. According to them, “the government is putting us in danger”, “health protocols will never be 100% respected in our high schools”. In their opinion, it is therefore necessary to close any school establishment, in order to break the chain of contamination which could be “fatal” for families as well as for some students. For the most part, the strong gatherings do not stop there, they continue in public transport in the morning and evening. “Buses and trains are full”, “we can’t even breathe”. To conclude, some students even use the term “ridiculous” to qualify this re-containment.

For the remaining 29%, it is necessary “never to close high schools”. They “prefer face-to-face lessons” and are afraid of “dropping out of school”. For everyone, the 1st confinement was “heavy with consequences”, and they feel it during this 1st quarter which is still unfinished. These students believe that distance learning will not allow them to succeed.

The students therefore have a mixed opinion about the decisions of the government, which still does not wish to lighten the school programs despite this very specific situation.

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