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Names, names and… Names | Crédito Real and Alemán seek to soon sell 50% of Radiopolis, back IFT and Maccise Sounds – El Sol de México

As is public, Radiopolis has faced serious difficulties since the days of Televisa de Emilio Azcarraga has decided to separate to sell its 50% to Miguel Alemán Magnani.

In the midst of the pandemic, Prisa, which owns the remaining 50%, faced a tangled legal conflict with Charles Cabalawho suddenly returned to the country’s business scene after buying Alemán’s stake in that group.

Subsequently, the troubled Crédito Real de Angelo Romano Berrondoin liquidation.

This granted a US$32.5 million loan to Grupo Coral de Cabal to buy Alemán. In reality, it was handed over to the entity called the Nuncio of which it is the owner Teresa Pasini Bertrandwife of Kabbalah.

The loan was never honored and Crédito Real kept 27% of Radiopolis, while Alemán recovered another 23%.

Regardless of what happens with the Radiopolis file that has Luigi Maldonado, who replaced Francesco Cabanas, has run its course. Just in October the Ifetel of javier juárez approved the shareholding restructuring with Crédito Real and Alemán on board.

The authorization was important so that eventually Crédito Real together with Alemán would give up. That if whoever arrives will have to fight with those of Prisa who have not released the editorial control of Radiopolis.

Beyond the above, there is the slogan of moving quickly to resolve the permanence or otherwise of the two shareholders who own half of the capital, which they are obviously trying to sell.

Sources related to the operation do not exclude that a sale could take place before the end of the year, ie there is substantial progress to close the matter soon.

A name that has sounded insistently to buy is that of Anuar Maccise. Also probed around Francisco Gonzalez de Multimedios, but has chosen to maintain its participation as a partner in Prisa, where there are other Mexicans like Carlo Fernández, Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala or Robert Alcantara.

However, there may be some news in Radiopolis. We’ll see if the plans correspond to reality.


I was speaking of the capital offer in Televisa-Univisión’s sights, an operation that will take place once some assets of particular interest to Emilio Azcarraga Jean, such as América and the Azteca Stadium. Obviously the Televisa-Univisión placement is the icing on the cake, but the stock market scenario clouds the prospects. While efforts are being made to make it happen as soon as possible, the details have not even begun to be worked out. In that sense, hopefully it will be at the end of 2023 or until 2024.


I told him that the Monte de Piedad union he leads Arthur Zayun extended to January 20 the call to strike. The idea is to give space to conversations in STPS, given the ongoing collective conflict of an economic nature. Last year there was another similar threat between the union and the company. However, this time the company he heads Xavier of the street he does everything to adjust the collective agreement that affects 2,000 workers. Either the benefits equivalent to a 1980s parastat are reduced or there is no profitability.


After choosing the path of bankruptcy, the horizon for the creditors of Unifin de Rodrigo Lebois that’s quite unfavorable given a deficit of $3.927 million. In line with the Friday Fitch running Carlos Fiorillo downgraded the rating of a certain predefined level to “D”.

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