Named new cars that you can buy on soft loans

The state programs “First Car” and “Family Car” have been operating this year since January 1, but the list of models available at a discount from the state has become smaller. The entire AvtoVAZ lineup was included in the preferential list: from the budget LADA Granta to the flagship LADA Vesta Sport, as well as UAZ SUVs.

What other cars can be bought with soft loans under the state programs “First / Family Car”, Rossiyskaya Gazeta said.

What cars can I buy with a state discount?

Under the state program, in addition to the already designated AvtoVAZ and UAZ models, foreign cars also fall. French Renault is ready to throw 10% on all trim levels of Logan, Sandero, the Logan Stepway cross-sedan and the Sandero Stepway front-wheel drive crossover (including the City version with a CVT), as well as versions of the Duster, Arkana and Kaptur crossovers worth less than 1 million rubles.

The Korean tandem of Hyundai and KIA is represented by Solaris and Rio sedans, the Creta crossover and the Rio X-Line hatchback in complete sets up to 1 million rubles, but the Chevrolet Niva SUV, the Nissan Terrano crossover, the Japanese-Russian Datsun on-DO and mi-DO, Volkswagen Polo sedan and Skoda Rapid liftback, according to the websites of automakers, it is no longer possible to buy at a discount from the state.

Volkswagen will make up for lost due to its own credit programs with a similar benefit of 10%. For example, the “Your Start with Volkswagen” promotion is for customers under the age of 30, and “Rely on Polo” is for families with two or more minor children.

State program conditions

Let’s start with the conditions. The price barrier for the models participating in state support has not changed since last year and is still 1 million rubles (their list could reduce the January price increase). The discount amount is also the same: 10% of the cost of the car. The exception is the Far East, where there is an increased discount of 25%.

At the same time, new conditions for participation in state programs have appeared for automakers themselves. Each participant must conclude a corporate program to increase competitiveness and score at least 1.4 thousand points on it, and the points themselves, as already reported by Autonews of the Day, directly depend on the level of production localization.

It should be noted that in 2020, only 5 billion rubles were allocated for the state programs “First Car” and “Family Car”, which is almost half as much as in the past (9.5 billion rubles), when state funds lasted only until October. Therefore, given the similar demand this year, the budget may be exhausted by May.

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