Najwa Shihab Team Dismantles the Group of Performers of Burning the Transjakara Sarinah Bus Stop

Presenter as well as journalist Najwa Shihab (Source: Instagram / najwashihab)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Journalist and presenter Najwa Shihab dismantle the figure suspected of carrying out the arson Transjakarta bus stops Sarinah.

Through the YouTube channel Newsroom Narrative, Najwa and the team exposed the group suspected of carrying out the arson Transjakarta bus stops Sarinah.

In the 9.57 minute video, the editorial team TV narrative explain the chronology of the alleged arsonist Transjakarta bus stops by combining videos from open sources.

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“The Buka Mata Narasi Team rearranged in detail, minute by minute the burning of the Sarinah TransJakarta Bus Stop on October 8, 2020. The results of our analysis found that the perpetrators had indeed come to burn the TransJakarta bus stop and exacerbated the situation of demonstrations against the Work Creation Law,” wrote Najwa in his account. His personal Instagram, Thursday (29/10/2020).

In his Instagram account, Najwa explained that the first perpetrators came from the direction of Jalan Sunda in groups when the action began to heat up at the Sarinah intersection.

They had time to take pictures and make observations. In a planned manner, the perpetrators then split up to burn the TransJakarta bus stop.


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