Naguib Sawiris’ first comment on the issue of the 2 pound coin


Wednesday 14 September 2022

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The entrepreneur, Eng. Naguib Sawiris, commented on the decision of the Council of Ministers, at today’s meeting, to issue a new 2-pound coin.

Sawiris told him in a tweet on his Twitter page on Wednesday: “The government is committed to minting a £ 2 coin for circulation,

I think five pounds is better, two pounds is worth something today.

The Council of Ministers initially approved the proposal to conclude a partnership agreement between the Public Treasury and the Egyptian Mint, and the British Royal Mint, “Royal Mint”, to establish an Anglo-Egyptian Mint in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, as well as issue and mint a 2-pound coin to be put into circulation. .

According to a press release following the weekly government meeting on Wednesday, this approval falls within the framework of the Finance Ministry’s aspiration to establish a partnership that goes beyond the idea of ​​transferring only technical skills and seeks a partnership based on participation in the production process. and operational, with the aim of establishing the metallurgical industries in Egypt, and making Egypt a regional center A pioneer in the production and minting of coins for Arab, African and Middle Eastern countries, based on local inputs in the production of national currencies and currencies for export abroad instead of importing them as raw discs.

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