Nagui, shocked by his resemblance to a young participant of the program “Don’t forget the children”

This Wednesday, January 1, Nagui presented the program “Don’t forget the children”. Among the candidates, one caused the organizer’s amazement …

A successful bonus

Viewers and Internet users seem to have greatly appreciated the Nagui show, broadcast on January 1. On Instagram’s account animator, glowing comments burst out about the show and its young participants, who came to push the song. We can read:

What a beautiful evening. What good energy, good madness. Nothing like this to start 2020 well

Or :

Thank you for your pleasant family time and the music brings generations together, whatever the era.

A disturbing detail

Have you noticed? A young man named Mohcine, who came to interpret “The Midnight Demons“on the Nagui plateau, did not leave the host indifferent.

It would seem that the latter is the doppelganger of the animator when he was little. To mark the occasion with humor, the star presenter unveiled a picture of the famous Mohcine, next to a photo of him small.

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This photo went around the internet and when we see the girl’s dress we quickly understand why

The resemblance is striking. Nagui says in legend:

There is a little resemblance between Mohcine and me

Internet users seem to totally agree on the question and hasten to comment on this unusual publication. We can read under the photo montage:

I think mom has accounts to settle

but also :

It’s true you look like beautiful young boys, aging like Nagui is great!

Does the presenter have a “hidden son”?

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Discover the photo of Nagui petit and Mohcine in our video

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