Naglaa Badr’s Latest Work: Revealing Details of Her Past and Announcing a New Experience


Naglaa Badr reveals to Al the details of her work in the past period and announces a new experience

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Cinema breaks into a different field through a short film that it is preparing to film, as it is always looking for surprises in its work and roles, and is overjoyed with the presentation of various works, and starred in the role of the mother in her latest movie “Answer Hour”, which made her enter the world of children. She is the artist Naglaa Badr, who competed with herself during the last period by presenting different personalities, including what she also presented in the series “Ramadan Karim 2” and “Serra Al-Bati’”, a work that she strongly defended in the face of the criticism that affected it, stressing that the work presents a distinctive dramatic epic, And I was excited about this work because the role is new, strange and completely different.

Tell us about your participation in the movie “Answer Hour”?

I felt very happy to participate in this work, especially since it is for the first time in Egypt. The work discusses the problem of children with their families, and this is known in cinema worldwide. The movie is light comedy, and this is the first time that I participate in a work of this kind.

Naglaa Badr

How were you nominated for work and how did you find the character that was offered to you?

The director, Mustafa Abu Seif, nominated me for the job, then the producer, Shahinaz Al-Akkad, sent me a copy of the treatment, so I agreed to work directly without thinking as soon as I read it. With the child Yassin during the events of the work, I felt that the idea was ahead of the ages, as the film transports us to another era, asking a question: What if this was actually done?

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How did you find the mother’s personality and details in the movie?

She is the character of the Egyptian and Arab mother. With the passage of time, I found myself becoming more like my mother in the same manner. This is the legacy that every mother in the entire Arab world becomes, the same instructions and comments about not staying up late, finishing eating the whole sandwich, turning off the lights and other things. .

The work mixed with a large proportion of imagination made it more like Disney works?

Imagination increases with the development of technology, especially in cinemas, but in the Arab world we need a realistic story, and this is what happened in the movie “An Hour of Answer”. Mothers must see how their children think, and benefit from that difference, as it triumphs for new experiences and ideas, and its success paves the way for young filmmakers to be creative and think outside the box.

Naglaa Badr

What do you think about working with children in the cinema?

Working with children is very tiring, as the child has a huge energy to work unlike the adults, but the child feels bored due to the large number of repetition unlike the adults, and it is unfortunate that sometimes the child is unaware of the importance of what he presents, but in this film Salim was aware of what to do so he was tolerant Responsibility, as the film carries an important message and sounds the alarm about sound and correct education. The work presents a new treatment of the mother’s relationship with her children, in addition to being far from the works she presented before.

Aren’t you worried about the idea of ​​the work starring a child?

I did not worry that the work is starring a child, as this is an idea that I liked the most and excited me to participate in this work. When I read the script for the movie and the journey that the child spends among these families, I was very impressed with it, because it is a different and new idea for cinema.

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Actress Naglaa Badr

And what about the series “Sarah Al-Batea” and the criticisms that affected it?

I do not care about any criticism as long as there is a director who responds to it. The director Khaled Youssef guarantees that he responds to these criticisms, because he has an idea and point of view through this series. Some people may not understand it at this time, but at another time he will understand it. Khaled Youssef, because it is a great cinematic history, and I personally did not imagine that he would make a drama, so Al-Batea interpreted it as one of the works that will be recorded in history, and personally I agreed to work without knowing my role, but I found the work important and monitors a number of real events, and I was very happy with it.

What motivated you to participate in the series “Surra Al-Batea”?

From my point of view, the work is integrated, and the presence of director Khaled Youssef was the main reason behind my enthusiasm for him, because I see that he is the owner of a different directing school, and also has a great history in the film industry, and of course his own cinematic vision will make him present a distinguished dramatic epic, and I was excited to work because the role is new, strange and completely different. What I presented before, and my enthusiasm for the work increased after I was nominated for it when I learned that it includes a large group of stars, and I felt at the time that we were facing a dramatic project that would not be repeated often.

Naglaa Badr

How did you find the character “Maryam” in the series?

I was happy to present it during the work because it is a completely different character from me in all its characteristics and convictions, and I used real personalities in preparing for it, because there is a character that really drew most of its features from it, and the circumstances that the character that I present in the series went through faced similar things before, so I can To say that my personal experiences helped me prepare for the role, in addition to the pre-filming work sessions.

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You also participated in the “Ramadan Kareem 2” tournament. Do you tend to participate in the collective tournament?

This is true, I tend to play collective heroism more than absolute heroism, because its events and dramatic lines are many and deeper, and I am happy that there is more than one work that belongs to this type, and personally I try as much as possible to diversify my roles and show my capabilities to embody invented characters in a new way.

What is the secret of your enthusiasm for this particular work?

Simply because his idea is clever, and it reminds us of the atmosphere of Ramadan in time, the shape of the streets, our customs and traditions. I also love working very much with director Sameh Abdel Aziz, as well as the El Sobky company, which I have previously worked with more than once, and as I said, the spirit of the series and the idea of ​​its events that take place during the month of Ramadan is the reason for my enthusiasm. for him .

Is it true that you have apologized for participating in Ghada Abdel Razek’s “Telt El Talata” series?

I love Ghada Abdel Razek and her artwork, but I was unable to participate in this work due to lack of time and my preoccupation with other series, and I wish this series all success.

What about your new business?

I am preparing to go through the experience of short narrative films through two works, the first directed by Niveen Shalaby, and the second details are being agreed upon.

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