Nagita Slavina Exposes Raffi Ahmad’s Behavior in Bed, Ehem – Artist Nagita Slavina exposed the behavior of her husband, Raffi Ahmad while in bed.

With a shy face, the Andara sultan couple revealed the secret of their love affair.

This acknowledgment is delivered Raffi Ahmad | and Nagita Slavina when interviewed by Robby Purba in a YouTube show entitled ‘BONGKAR NIGHT FIRST RAFFI AHMAD & NAGITA!’ which airs on September 10, 2020.

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Without further ado, Robby Purba also questioned various things related to parents’ bed matters Rafathar Malik Ahmad that.

One of Robby’s interesting questions is who often changes style and dominates during sex.

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Raffi Ahmad also answered that he was the most active when it came to bedtime.

“I i!” Raffi Ahmad answered loudly.

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“He (Raffi Ahmad),” Nagita said to her husband.

Watch this video:



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