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Nadya Dorofeeva Presents New Composition Dedicated to Haters

The artist also presented a new composition dedicated to haters.

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva Today, December 7, in the “Breakfast with 1+1” studio, she presented a new composition “Let them write“.

The artist dedicated her latest track to all the evil tongues that write negative comments and hate her on social networks. As Nadya said, she created the track in collaboration with her husband Misha Katsurin and producer Ivan Klimenko.

“When I created the track, I was inspired by comments and articles that were written about me, and not only about me. In general, this is a trigger topic for the whole society and it seems to me that this is incredibly relevant now,” Dorofeeva said.

The artist explained what hate means to her and what she considers hate.

“Die” is hate? I think this is hate. As for construction, I love reading (comments – editor’s note). I collect the funny ones, but listen to the important ones. And there is hate that affects children and causes psychological trauma,” Dorofeeva explained.

At the same time, the star answered whether she sympathizes with her ex-producer, rapper Potap, who has recently received a lot of hate.

“I believe that everyone is hated. And regarding compassion, it always hurts me when it’s hard for someone, even if the person doesn’t show it. Quite a long time ago (I talked with Potap – editor’s note). Sometimes I can drop a song, and me too,” the artist replied.

The presenters couldn’t help but ask whether Dorofeeva was now communicating with her ex-husband, showman Vladimir Dantes. To which Nadya, smiling, briefly answered: “No.”

Let us remind you that the other day Nadya Dorofeeva charmed fans with cute family shots, in which she showed like with my husband’s 7-year-old daughterrestaurateur Misha Katsurin did beauty treatments.

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