Nadine Al-Rassi in black and white: “The truest lie”

Actress Nadine Al-Rassi is trying to separate her career and grief after losing her brother, artist George Al-Rassi, in a tragic car accident months ago.

Al-Rassi showed his followers a black and white photo session, accompanied by a comment: “I believe in a lie! And the photos remain!”.

The photos she posted gained the support and encouragement of her peers, most notably the artist and actress Cyrine Abdel Nour.

Al-Sturi’s feature film in Al-Rassi’s short story via “Instagram” is not without images he collects with his deceased brother and a prayer for his comfort, and previously appeared in a short video to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of his death, through which he sent a message to George: “Your eyes are the title of my life”.

At that time, she commented on the video in which she appeared in black, saying, “A big thank you to all the lovers for being by my side and for their constant prayers through which I will complete the journey with my angel in heaven. “

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